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Welcome to Mint Hill, NC

Mint Hill, North Carolina

About Mint Hill:

Mint Hill is a town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina and near the Union and Cabarrus County lines. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 14,922. (More Info and Source) Mint Hill Real Estate

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Mint Hill Area News

Cleveland Co. officials to exhume body in 1993 cold case

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office along with the State Bureau of Investigations will be exhuming the body of Judith McMurry, who was killed in 1993, according to a news release.
The purpose of the exhumation is to hopefully gather evidence that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for her death, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
The exhumation will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Fallston.
McMurry managed a mobile home lot and was killed there on April 26, 1993.
Investigators said they know she was killed but there was never an arrest in the case.

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 15:53:23 -0400

Monkeys are better at math than we thought, study shows

Who knew monkeys could do math? Turns out we've known for a while but didn't know know they were so good at it.

A writer for Science World Report notes the study of monkey math goes back at least as far as 2007, when researchers found monkeys were able to add groups of dots together. (Via Flickr / Vijay Anand Ismavel)

Then there was the Duke University study that found monkeys think a lot like humans when it comes to numbers.

Thanks to a recent study from Harvard University, however, we're gaining a little more insight into our furry friends' arithmetic skills. (Via Flickr / Parshotam Lal Tandon)

Researchers taught three rhesus macaques a set of symbols which corresponded to a certain number of drops of reward. The team used a combination of numbers and letters for the symbol set and tasked the monkeys with six different challenges.

In this diagram published in the paper, you can see the monkeys choosing between a smaller and larger number of dots, smaller and larger numbers, and even performing addition. (Via Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

And the scientists took things one step further because they wanted to make certain the furry geniuses were actually adding and not just memorizing values. They taught the little fellas a new symbol set, assigning values for each one and tasking them with addition challenges. (Via Flickr / Garrett Ziegler)

Incredibly, LiveScience notes the macaques were "up to 90 percent" accurate with the original symbol set, and though the monkeys were less accurate with the newly learned symbols, they were still able to distinguish larger values from smaller ones. 

The outlet reports the researchers will next study whether the monkeys can learn to multiply. The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Wed, 23 Apr 2014 15:19:43 -0400

'Call Of Duty' loser calls SWAT team on opponent

If you can't beat 'em, call in the SWAT team?

"The SWAT team's responding to a call from a teenager saying he just killed his mom. ... When police arrived, the only guns around 17-year-old Rafael Castillo were of the video game variety." (Via ABC)

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And WABC reports the video game was "Call of Duty." According to the outlet, Castillo, of Long Beach, N.Y., was playing the video game when an opponent he'd beaten called in the SWAT team. 

Police say the vengeful player uncovered Castillo's address by tracking his IP and placing the fake call, according to New York Post

Unbelievable, right? Well, apparently not. The Long Beach police commissioner told WCBS this kind of prank call is becoming "a nationwide epidemic."

"In this … bizarre world of Swatting, you get points for the helicopter, for the police cars, for the SWAT team, for the type of entry. It's very sophisticated. Unfortunately, it's very dangerous." (Via WCBS)

A writer for says after the SWAT team charged the home, it didn't take long for the officers to realize it was a hoax. Castillo's mom told police, "My kid's home, my kid's on the computer. He don't know what happened."

Despite the emergency response, Newsday reports officials were skeptical because the caller used Skype to phone in the false claims and didn't use the tracking-enabled 911 number, instead calling the department directly. 

If authorities are able to track down the prankster, he or she could end up paying $100,000 for the emergency response. Yikes -- if the anonymous player was a sore loser then, wait 'til he gets that fine. 

See more at

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 15:17:59 -0400

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